What: sportstmassage conform NGS richtlijnen en klachtregelement

Approach: Intake and anamnesis, one time treatment or treatment plan

Techniques: All necessary techniques necessaryto get you to move freely and without pain and restructions as soon as possible. Kinesiotaping is optional.

Result: great range/freedom of movement , solving issues through intervention/massage plus smart tips and tricks regarding breathing, posture and training

If necessary or indicated I will gladly work together with your other health practitioner(s).


My advice on stretching: use the Janda method or better train like a pro and use a professional foamroller and routine; Lenghtne, strenthen, integate and flush with the GRID foamroller from TriggerPointTherapy USA. Always make sure your system , fascia and muscles are warmed up before engaging in a stretch. 


Core stability training? You can use the SMRT-Core routine using the GRID foamroller. Benefits: train effectively without machines and wherever you are. For example check this videao on how to work on your quadriceps.

Need a Sportmedical test? I recommend  SMA in Leiden.

Interested in the metabolic switch? I can help you find a good professional. Mind you: Metabolic switch procedure (or Sportvasten in Dutch) is not a diet, it is a training-programme



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