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About Désirée.

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Movement is my passion, both mentally as well as fysically. Sportsmassage is my sturdy basis from where I studied and specialised further with various great teachers from the Netherlands, Denmark and the US. regularly I exchange knowledge and skills with professionals like massage colleagues, fysiotherapists, manual therapists and others. And my cutsomers and friends also contribute to my expanding knowledge and insights of course on a daily basis.

  • My sportive activities: kayakking, scuba- and freediving
  • My musical efforts: the trumpet
  • My professional fascination: myo-fascia, kinesiology, pain management, food and smart & healthy breating techniques
  • My places of relaxation: nature and reading books….paper ones
  • Wonderment I treasure and drives my curiosity,all my queestes and my solution focussed actions
  • My motto: I find a way or create one, with you and others

Certifications en accreditations: Nederlands Genootschap voor Sportmassage, Trigger Point treatment & instruction, Leffelaar Shiatsu, KTAI Kinesiotaping I & II, Anatomy Trains I & II (myofascial release), ACE /Fit!vak A Fitness instructor, BGN food consultant, JJ Trainers academie Trainer/coach

What can I do for you?

  • Enhance movement pattern and possibilities, without pain and restrictions in daily life.
  • Enhance your ability to relax, control stress for better sleeping , a relaxed focus , enhanced focus, enhance load-taking capacity and resilience.
  • enhanced productivity and effectivity in sports and daily life, physically as well as mentally.
  • Lifestyle consulting

The benefits of a great massage are known since ages and nowadays also scientifically proven . My treatment plan for you results from knowlegde, expierence and skilss and I will ofcourse listen to your additional wishes. You can visit me with questions, pain, movement restrictions and also for a good relaxation massage with exceptional results.

Kwintessentieel massage distinguishes through taking time to listen and a treatment that provides fast results. And the best complimentary tips and tricks to sustain the results from the treatment. My mission is to enhance your self-management abilities; I love to see you back in my practice, with a smile and asking me for another great relaxation massage.

What to expect at Kwintessentieel?


Please try and come with a clean body. If you have no time for a shower, after work or after sports, I will provide you with a complimetary cleaning agent that will leave your skin fresh and ready for treatment with oil. You  need not take any towels or sheets.

  • Contact en appointments: contact me via mobile/SMS/WhatsApp or email. I will get back to you asap for an appointment or redirect you to another practitioner or health professional.You can plan appointments 7 days a week between 7.30 and 2 o clock.

Intake: the first appointment includes a questionnaire and basic examination. I want to provide you with safe treatment and the best possible  results. All 1 hour appointments are including 10 minutes extra complimentary and without charge, to allow for examination and dressing time. Thus you receive full value for your investment-in-yourself.

Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment are free of charge. 24 hours and without a replacement for the appointment (you can send you spouse, child, friend or colleague, will be charged with 50% of the cost. Cancellation within 24 hours .
Payment: via PIN or banktransfer preferably, but cash is also accepted. You can ask for a specified bill although Dutch health insurance companies do not cover the costs.

My mission.

It is threefold:

  • I know your body and movement patterns so well, that every session results in a success and full satisfaction.
  • All customers are capable to prevent pain and movement restrictions through the knowledge and skills I transfer.
  • All customers become loyal visitors and ambassadors.

Friends & partners

Working together grants you extra benefits

Shaista Barokzay
(Nederlands) Shaista Barokzay

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Cindy Koolhaas
(Nederlands) Cindy Koolhaas

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Sharon Messemaker
(Nederlands) Sharon Messemaker

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Anna Buonomo
(Nederlands) Anna Buonomo

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