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I will help you to move, work, relax & sport without pain and restrictions

Resulting in a strong physique & a sharp focus

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My massages + great tips = from complaint to power!

Aching Neck, shoulders & back? Pelvis, legs, knee, ankle or foot?

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Sports- & relaxation massages

TriggerPoint therapy & -coaching, Myofascial release techniques & GRID = flexibility

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In-company health interventions

Shiatsu-/chairmassage & Workshops



helpt u voor en na het sporten aan een spieren die meewerken aan een ontspannen focus. Haa

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geeft u direct optimale ontspanning en diepe, rustige ademhaling terug. Geniet van herwonn

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TriggerPoint behandeling&coaching

helpt u van pijn en bewegingsbeperking af & leert u zichzelf thuis door te behandelen

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Myofascial release & GRID massage

De ultieme methode om duurzame resultaten te behalen, spierspanning, balans en spierbindwe

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“I have experienced Desiree Rosier as an enthusiastic and experienced professional . Finally my physical complaints, restraints and pains are gone . Her way of working and especially the explanation, instructiosn & tips & tricks she provided me with, guarantee that from now on I can manage my muscles myself. I do contract Desiree still for a great relaxation massage. And do refer others in need for the best sports-masseuse in Leiden   ”

K. de Bruin

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Muse & de Faulty Walnut

Geloof het of niet, ik ben nog maar een beginner. Nog steeds is accurater. Hier tref je een goede review van een gevorderde in meditatie die de Muse headband testte. Als je gevorderd bent, dan heb je hem niet nodig. Ben je beginner, herstarter en int

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Why choose Kwintessentieel?

  • Quick results
  • Decisive approach
  • Use of up-to-date knowledge, experience & wide professional network
  • Great references
  • Self treatment instructions (TriggerPoint coaching and use of GRID-foamroller)

Pricing and seriecardsAll appointments are scheduled with a 10 minutes -extra for intake, case historie and change of clothes, prices incl 21% VAT. PIN or cash. You will enjoy the great quality and sustainable PINO oils and other professional products.


½ - 1 - 1,5 uur per month

  • 35,-/ 65,- / 85,-
  • 290,- 5 seriecard
  • 550,- 10 seriecard
  • Seriecards applicable for ½ hour sessions . I will use all techniques leading to the best results.
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TriggerPoint coaching

1,5 hour series per month

  • 400,-
  • Only  5 seriecard
  • Including FREE TriggerPoint ball
  • Massage + self treatment instruction from Handbook Triggerpoint therapy
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(Self-) myofascial release

1,5 hour series per month

  • 400,-
  • Only 5 seriecard
  • Including use of TPP-GRID  roller
  • Massage +  instruction SMR & GRID foamrolling Trigger Point Performance
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Combi + GRID

1,5 uur serie per month

  • 445,-
  • Only 5 seriecard
  • Including TPP GRID foamroller
  • Massage +  instruction GRID foamrolling + SMRT-Core routine
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